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Tuesday 9th August 2022:

Humber Lodge 57 enjoyed an illustrated presentation by W Bro Terry Lynn of the Lodge of St Michael 7833. The midsummer evening was sultry and the WM, W Bro Mike Potts announced that Terry's presentation would be given downstairs before the festive board, where it was cooler and everyone could purchase a drink from the bar beforehand.

Terry spoke of his Peckham upbringing (many of the listeners nodding their heads as he talked about the Robin Reliant and how children played on the bomb sites). "Heating water was expensive," he remarked, "so most people only bathed once a week - and perhaps we're going to have to do the same again, soon."

He told the Lodge about differences in ritual in London (Emulation) working, citing that as the reason he had joined the Lodge of St Michael, and regaled us with tales of visits to Cumbria, Wales,Scotland and Tenerife where the Masonic meetings often bore little resemblance to those in Hull. "But the principals of the Fraternity remain the same all over the globe," he averred. "Brotherly love, relief and truth, and, of course, friendship" It was a lovely evening.


Thursday 4th August 2022:

The funeral of Brenda Watkins, wife of IPM John Watkins, was at Chanterland Avenue Crematorium at ten o' clock. It was very well supported by the Worshipful Master and Brethren from the Lodge of St Michael (fifteen of us, many with partners and friends who had known Brenda) plus Brethren from other Lodges including W Bro John Broughton and Bob Clancy, Provincial Grand Master in the Mark. It was an impressive gathering in the sunlit carpark before before everyone followed the coffin into the small Chapel to the music of Sting. John was there with his family, and friends from where he lived. 

It was a nondenominational service; Brenda (and John) being Buddhists, and the celebrant, Mike Anderson, gave an account of Brenda's growing up in Hull. She and John met at Brunswick Avenue School's disco in the sixties - she was fifteen, John a year older, and they were married in 1968. Their son  and daughter, Jeffrey and Angela came along in due course, and, later, three grandchildren.

The celebrant spoke of Brenda being strong-willed, having a sense of humour, being caring, loving and family minded. "She had," he said, "a heart bigger than the world."

John gave a cherished Buddhist reading from a Sariputra meditation after which there was a time for reflection, while Close to You by the Carpenters was played. The celebrant spoke of Brenda's failing health following her massive heart attack at fifty-seven and reminded the people in the Chapel that "she is only a thought away."

Refreshments were laid on at the nearby Sports Centre where most of us joined John and his family for a final celebration of Brenda's life.

Our sympathies are of course with John and his family at this very difficult time.

[Photograph of Brenda and John sent by daughter Angela]

Eddie Wildman



Saturday 30th July 2022:

Special Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge: notes by Eddie Wildman

W Bro Bill Burnett is one of Humber Lodge's United Grand Lodge Officers, and he'd offered to take me to York for the Installation of VW Bro David Chambers as Provincial Grand Master and later as the Grand Superintendent in and over Yorkshire North and East Ridings. The opportunity to attend such a prestigious occasion in such illustrious company was compelling and I gratefully agreed. I'm sure the neighbours were peeping from behind their curtains as the gleaming polished Range Rover Vogue purred to a stop outside my humble house, wondering at the morning suit and Masonic case in my hand.

The journey was without incident and we swapped stories about swimming instructing and education, about friends amongst the Brethren and about Freemasonry in general. I was saddened to hear of the recent sudden death of RW John Anderson, which had come as a shock: "There were a few of us enjoying a meal with him only a week or so ago," said Bill, "and he was in good form."

The University of York at Fulford was well policed by Provincial Grand Stewards, who very efficiently directed us to a parking spot and told us where to go. We were in good time, and greeted many friends as we made our way to the Central Hall to change into our regalia.

RW Bro Jeffrey Gillyon had announced his intention to retire as the Provincial Grand Master (see 14th May on the Humber website blog) and Very Worshipful Dr David Chambers, who had been the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge in the interim, was taking over the post this morning. The hall, while not full to capacity, was pleasantly well attended, including Lodge of St Michael Brethren Terry Black and Stephen Prior, elegant in their provincial regalia. Bill and I sat amongst the glitter of Grand Lodge Officers present.

We were joined by W Bro John Davies, who, like Bill, as a retired Provincial DC was casting a critical eye over the proceedings, The unexpected demise of his friend Richard Anderson precluded him from staying for the afternoon session - Mrs Anderson was still in shock. John said that I could have his lunch, which was very kind of him. "Table Twenty-three," John told me, "at the same table as Bill."

I am sure there will be plethora of photographs and official accounts of the proceedings by email over the coming weeks, so I'll not dilate at length, but the dignity and superb choreography of the Grand Lodge Team was very impressive. This, and the afternoon session, we were told, were to be the last investitures  performed by the Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Geoffrey Lowndes. 

Let me digress for a moment to explain the term "Pro Grand Master". As the Grand Master is a member of the Royal Family, he has appointed a Pro Grand Master to be his principal Masonic Advisor, and to act for him on occasions when he is unable to be present due to Royal engagements. 

W Bro Denis Raymond Stubley, Assistant Provincial Grand Master entered in Procession with the Active Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge and was saluted with five, after which the MW Pro Grand Master and the visiting Officers of Grand Lodge were received.

The Pro Grand Master took the Chair and was saluted with eleven after which he explained the object of the meeting. A deputation was formed, and the Provincial Grand Master Designate was escorted in, and addressed by the Pro Grand Master. "Dr David Chambers is not a Yorkshireman," he said whilst mentioning David's many talents, "but you will treat him as one of your own." After Dr David Chambers had taken his obligation, he was invested by the MW Pro Grand Master, who relinquished the Chair. I managed to take a picture of the unoccupied seat beforehand.

The new RWPGM appointed and invested W Bro Jonathan Smith as his Deputy before reappointing his Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and confirming the appointments of the other Provincial Grand Officers. He spoke about Freemasonry in the Province, stating "Enjoyment is the touchstone of what we are about."

I enjoyed lunch - the more so because it had been unexpected. The table was wobbly, however - one of the Brethren remarked that if a table or stool has three legs, it won't wobble - why, then do people insist on putting four legs on tables? I was going to say something about one at each corner when I realised the tables were round. I kept my mouth shut,

The MW Pro Grand Master presented a gift to our new Provincial Grand Master from the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent in the form of a customised gold medallion encased in a lucite cube. "This is a personal gift," he explained, "and not for the Secretary to look after." He went on to explain that it was a very useful paperweight, given the amount of correspondence from the United Grand Lodge of England that would be coming David's way.

The afternoon Convocation was in good time, a little earlier than expected, and E Comp Dr David Chambers PGStB was installed as Grand Superintendent in and over Yorkshire North and East Ridings, but a fuller report of this may be found on the Humber Chapter Blog page.

It had been a most satisfying day, Bill and I reflected as we made our way back to Hull.

[Photographs of Bill Burnett, James Ashby-Kelly and Jim Kerr, the pedestal and the diners by Eddie Wildman. Photograph of the Pro Grand Master from Freemasonry Today and of Dr David Chambers from the Provincial website.]

Eddie Wildman, Lodge Organist


Wednesday 20th July 2022:

Worshipful Brother David Whittall and I went to the seaside. We were two of several visitors to Alexandra Lodge 1511 in Hornsea, the occasion being the raising of Brother Kier Horner.

The Lodge Room was very hot so Worshipful Master Paul Brown allowed us the relief of taking off our jackets.

Before the main event the Lodge was honoured by a visiting Representative of the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master in Charge, Worshipful Brother David Burnett PGJD and his DC, W Bro Brian Carlisle. 

The ceremony of raising was carried out with due aplomb and all ritualists perfoming admirably. a different ceremony to the Lodge of St Michael's but achieving the same result. Brother Horner obviously enjoyed the experience. W Bro Ian Syddall, part of the escort for the Representative, wrote his blog of the event which can be found on the Humber website.

All other business being complete we retired to the festive board where friendships old and new were established. All too soon the parting toast was called and we departed in peace and harmony.


[L-R: W Bro Brian Carlisle, Rep's DC; W Bro David Burnett, Representative of the RWDGMic; Bro Kier Horner, Master Mason; and W Bro Paul Brown, Worshipful Master. Photograph by PS]

Peter Stokes Worshipful Master.


Wednesday 10th July 2022:

Another away day, this time the Lodge of St Andrew No 4683, the occasion being the Passing of Brother Craig Ashley David Eastburn to the degree of Fellow Craft. I arrived early at Beverley Road and parked the car - the Beverley Road Lodges enjoy a dedicated space for vehicles which is a great advantage. The Lodge started later than ours at St Michael so I was able to meet some of the Brethren before the event.

At 1900 promptly the Lodge was opened with W Br Matthew Owen in the Chair. Due to holidays and sickness some of the team were standing in but this made little difference as the ritual was carried out with confidence by all participants. Everybody did their best and it all passed smoothly. I know Brother Craig enjoyed his passing.

Special Mention was given to W Bro Eddie Brook on his promotion to the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9611  for his work in Masonry. Well done Eddie.

The meeting closed and we assembled for the Festive Board downstairs where all enjoyed a fine meal and conversation until the final toast was given and we departed with harmony and peace.

My next outing will be to Alexander Lodge 1511 Hornsea on 20th July 2022.

[Photograph of Bro Eastburn and W Bro Owen by W Bro Stokes]

Peter Stokes, WM


Friday 1st July 2022:

As the Lodge of St Michael Worshipful Master I attended the Brough Lodge 5464 first meeting since installation. Worshipful Master Tim Brown took the chair. The new team worked well together and members not present at installation were invested. The meeting was billed as an either/or First Degree or Talk. As it happened we enjoyed a talk from WM Tim Brown on Imposters in Lodges in the 19th Century and why we prove on visits. I gave greetings from the Lodge accompanied by WB John Watkins IPM who is a member of Brough lodge.

All other business complete we retired to the Festive Board where lively conversation was struck up and the food was enjoyed. Sadly the evening came to an end with the final toast and we departed in harmony and peace.

My next visit will be St Andrews Lodge 4683 on 13th July, for a 2nd degree ceremony. (See the Meetings Diary Page.) Any member wishing to accompany me would be welcomed.

Peter Stokes WM


Thursday 23rd June 2022:

Today was the first meeting since Installation, all preperations carried out, Parish Notes prepared, we were ready. A telephone call from the Head Steward W Bro Shaun Rennison bought sad news:no Festive Board, the chef has COVID! No time to arrange alternative dining.

Lodge room later, with numbers around average, the officers missing from the installation were invested making the team complete, we then called off and invited the Tyler in to undertake the challenge of W Bro Eddie Wildman's "Fiendishly Hard Quiz". We formed into 5 teams, pencils at the ready, and we were off. All the teams acquitted themslves well, the winners earning a box of smarties.

The lodge was called back on, all business and reports dealt with, we retired to home hungry but happy.

I look forward to seeing all members old and new in September, LOI on the 5th.

Below are the comments from Eddie Wildman's blog on the Humber website:

Peter Stokes, WM


No Chef!

The Lodge of St Michael 7833 suffered an unexpected blow when the chef telephoned to say he'd tested positive to covid and would not be providing a meal that evening.

It was too late for the Steward to organize pizza or fish & chips, but there were few apologies from the Brethren - almost all the usual number turned up for the WM's first working night - and to take part in the promised fiendish Masonic Quiz.

Worshipful Master Peter Stokes  called off the Lodge for the event and invited the Tyler to enter. The Brethren formed into five teams and scrutinised the quiz sheets, pencils at the ready.

There were some rumblings about the marking system (one point for a correct answer, take away a point for a wrong answer) but W Bro Eddie Wildman, Quizmaster, having dealt with schoolchildren for most of his life, insisted on this equitable method and no team finished up with a negative score.

The winners were appropriately grateful for the box of Smarties donated for their efforts, and W Bro Wildman was thanked for putting together a stimulating quiz.

The Worshipful Master called the Lodge back on, the Tyler returned to his post outside the door and the remaining business was dealt with in short order. The Brethren retired, and the bar being inexplicably closed, went home.

Despite there being no food, it was an enjoyable evening, and a good start for the WM's year.

Eddie Wildman, Quizmaster




Monday 20th June 2022:

Notes from the Worshipful Master

tyson & o'neill.jpgI attended my first away visit as WM at Holderness Lodge 3563, which meets at Beverley Road.

The occasion was a first degree with a new team, Some of the Brethren were yet to be invested. It was a well supported meeting with visitors from several Lodges; over thirty Brethren were in attendance. 

A eulogy to the late brother Dave Hunter was given followed by a gently played "Abide with me" before the ceremony began. 

The Candidate, Mr Andrew Stephen O'Neill was initiated by the team who delivered their ritual with aplomb. Particular reference must be made to the excellence of Brother Kitchen's Working Tools and WB Coats' North-East Corner, but all the Brethren acquitted themselves ably, led by the Worshipful Master, W Bro Richard Tyson

Brother O'Neill enjoyed the ceremony as he mentioned in his response at the Festive Board,

It was an enjoyable occasion from which we parted in harmony and peace. 

[Photograph of the Worshipful Master Richard Tyson and the newly-made Brother Andy O'Neill by W Bro James Ashley-Kelly.]

Peter Stokes WM




Thursday 26th May 2022:

Eddie Wildman, guest organist for the Lodge of St Michael, writes about the Installation 2022.


It cannot be denied that the Lodge of St Michael is sometimes leisurely in its delivery of ritual, so much so that the Installation ceremony is traditionally called to commence at 4:30 pm. I arrived an hour beforehand, to find that several Brethren were already setting up tables to prepare for the Festive Board later. Julie (Peter's partner) was there too and had baked some delicious shortbread - I don't think there was any left at the end of the evening.

Despite the early start, the Brethren and visitors were ready to roll, and had signed in, so when the DC, W Bro Henderson PPSGD announced "The appointed hour has arrived" exactly on time, everyone was ready, with their mobile phones turned off, and the Worshipful Master, W Bro John Watkins, was escorted into the Lodge Room. The meeting was opened melodiously and efficiently. There was a report, and W Bro Barry Longstaff (recognised less than a month previously for his services to Freemasonry and invested with his Provincial Stewards' collar by the RWPGM at the York convocation) smartly entered and asked for a Provincial escort to honour the Representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Michael de Villamar Roberts PJGD. It was an auspicious begining, and Bazza's efficiency somehow communicated itself to the Brethren - or perhaps vice-versa, for the meeting continued with an enviable momentum.

I shall not dilate on the raising of the Lodge to the Second Degree wherein the Master Elect was obligated for the first time, but again the ritual was smoothly managed; nor on the retirement of Brethren who had not yet been through the Chair (identifiable from the rosettes on their aprons.) Brother Stokes was installed into the Master's Chair according to ancient tradition. The Brethren were readmitted and perambulated round the Lodge saluting the new Master while W Bro Terry Lynn sang the Masonic Anthem from the Senior Warden's Chair in the West. The application of the working tools as a guide to our morals was explained by some of the younger Brethren, and particular mention should be made of Brother Tony Tyler's rendition of the tools of the Entered Apprentice Freemason.

The Worshipful Master appointed and invested his officers. A note should be made that the Senior Warden Elect, Brother Adrian Thompson BEM had been called to receive honours at Buckingham Palace, so we will look forward to hearing all about that at the next meeting. 

I had the privilege of giving the Address to the Master and W Bro Peter Wright PPJGW gave the Address to the Wardens. Brother John Burton, just appointed as Senior Deacon, delivered the Address to the Brethren.

Worshipful Brother Peter  Stokes invested his predecessor with a Past Master's Jewel, and Worshipful Brother de Villamer Roberts gave a lively and informative description of the Grand Lodge Certificate, which he presented to Brother Tony Tyler. Greetings were given from visiting Lodges: Brough Lodge 5464 was well represented.

Despite the amount of work done upstairs, we were still earlier than anticipated at the Festive Board. Indeed, in his response to the fifth toast, W Bro de Villamar Roberts remarked that it was a pleasure to be speaking shortly after nine and not at 10:30. He spoke of our changing society and the necessity of embracing change, maintaining that the old traditions should not be considered irrevocable - in this day and age, he opined, the Ladder System employed by many Lodges might be questioned. "The key aspect of Freemasonry," he stated, "is enjoyment."

It was a happy evening. The toast to the new WM was given by W Bro David Whittall, who said that, like the other Brethren, he regarded it as a privilege to belong to the Lodge of St Michael, and was looking forward to the year. W Bro Terry Lynn PPJGW sang the Worshipful Master's Song and everyone joined in the chorus.

The Lodge Preceptor, W Bro Isaac Jackie Chapman PPGsuptWks gave the toast to the IPM and his officers, mentioning that circumstances had precluded W Bro Watkins taking the Chair earlier, but now his wife had insisted. Brenda's support, especially as she is unwell, was appreciated by all the Lodge. "Our Immediate Past Master has done his best," Jackie said, "and no-one can ask for more than that. And his Officers have supported him with great gusto."

John's response was more than a little emotional, but he thanked the Brethren for their support and said he would pass on their kind regards to Brenda.

Mention should be made of the toast to Absent Brethren with its unique tune and words put together by two Founder members of the Lodge. Almoner W Bro Whittall explained that the marriage of lyrics and melody resonated with him particularly, considering those Brethren who for whatever reason could not be with us that evening.

It is a tradition that the ladies get together while the Brethren celebrate the annual Installation, and this evening was no exception. The Worshipful Master had generously supplied the wine and the port and we were in a jolly mood. No doubt the ladies were too. I didn't join them at the Holiday Inn on this occasion, but took my leave with the words of St Michael's Lodge final song ringing in my head: "We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet, for Auld Lang Syne."

[Photographs:John Watkins, IPM; Peter Stokes WM; Michael de Villamar Roberts, Representative; Peter and John, and Terry Lynn, vocalist, stand-in Senior Warden and all-round good egg. All taken by Eddie Wildman.]

Eddie Wildman


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