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In answer to popular request this Chapter Page has been created, and an archive of earlier Chapter comments and observations may be found in the Old Chapter News Submenu at the bottom of the page. Latest contributions are at the top - scroll down for earlier contributions. The entries on this page (not counting the archive) date from February 2022,

Companions of the Chapter of St Michael are encouraged to contribute to the Chapter Blog.

Unlike local Chapters, the Chapter of St Michael 7833 practises Domatic Ritual. This was a decision of the Founders, made when the Chapter was formed in 1962: just as the Lodge "dares to be different" with its ritual, so does the Chapter.


Tuesday 5th July 2022

Eddie Wildman visits the Technical Chapter 5666

The First Grand Principal of Technical Royal Arch Chapter 5666, Excellent Companion Jonathan Sykes, remarked in his address to the Candidate at the Festive Board that from first meeting Adam when he joined the Craft, he had been impressed by his intelligence and erudition, and that over the years Brother Tunnicliffe had reinforced that impression.

In fact, I visited the Chapter at Beverley Road because I too had been similarly impressed, and the Technical crowd are fun company. I also played the organ for the occasion; the regular organist, Companion Turner-Bone asked me if I'd stand in as he was delivering ritual - about which more later.

E Comp Hitten Thacker PPGScN was invested as Mentor after the Chapter was opened, and took the opportunity to deliver a nugget briefly outlining the historical biblical allusions which formed the background to the ceremony we were about to witness, after which Brother Adam Tunnicliffe was admitted and tested with the questions leading to the Royal Arch Degree. He answered proficiently and without hesitation, and was entrusted with the necessary password. He retired for preparation while E Comp Steve Berry gave the first interpolation - a recent initiative in Chapter ritual which makes the ceremony much easier to understand. Steve also gave other explanations on the occasions when the Candidate retired for further preparation.

I'll not outline the subsequent ceremony: suffice it to note that it was impressive. The Royal Arch story and the subsequent lectures makes for a lengthy evening - the MEZ admitted it was "challenging" - but when well delivered, as this was, it cannot fail to impress. Companion Tunnicliffe, enacting the role of one of the Sojourners returning to the ruins of the Old Temple, was obviously taking in the narrative, occasionally nodding in understanding as the allegories became clear.

I gave greetings as a Companion of the Chapter of St Michael 7833 of course, but take this opportunity publicly to express my congratulations to all who took part, and especially to Comp Bill Turner-Bone who eloquently explained the Signs and the Sharing of the Word. Also of note was Comp Dave Green who delivered the Working Tools, and E Comp Keith Challis who addressed Companion Adam with sincere dignity - a paradigm of excellence.

So thank you all, Technical Companions. I'd enjoyed an evening in excellent company (and thanks to E Comp Phil Daniels who gave me a lift there and back.) Congratulations to Adam - sorry I didn't get a photograph of you in your Chapter regalia - and a word to those that are reading this blog - there's to be another Technical Exaltation in October. Don't miss it!

[Photograph of Adam Tunnicliffe by Eddie Wildman - who borrowed Adam's phone to take the snapshot!]

Eddie Wildman PPGScN, Organist, Chapter of St Michael


19th May 2022


The first regular post-installation meeting of the Chapter was convened with all three Principals present. E Comp Peter Henry Barnes PPGReg was in the Chair as MEZ; E Comp John Irving Burton was H; E Comp Stephen Christopher Prior PPAGSoj was J. The Chapter was set up minimally, without the full panoply of banners as it was to be an evening of talk. This did not meet with the approbation of all the Companions, who felt that standards were slipping below those insisted upon by the Founders in 1992.. However, the meeting continued with the investiture of Companion Michael Hugh Anthony Martin-Smith as 2nd Assistant Sojourner before a number of readings were presented.

The first, delivered by the Acting DC, E Comp Peter Wright PPGScN, asked "Who was Zerubabbel?" and referred to the Book of Ezra, the laying of the foundation stone and the building of the Second Temple following the destruction of the first and the deportation of the people of Israel. 

The Most Excellent Zerubabbel (pictured in his scarlet robe) expounded about the Prophet Haggai, and E Comp John Burton spoke of Joshua (or Jeshua) under the leadership of Nehemiah. This was followed by E Comp Stephen Prior (in light blue) explaining Ezra's re-establishing the law at the rebuilding of the Temple, and the formation of the synagogue which is said to date from this period. E Companion Stephen Longthorp PPGReg, Scribe Ezra of the Chapter of St Michael then spoke of the role of Scribe Nehemiah and his governing of the builders who completed the Temple under his direction. Thus the familiar names, used by the Officers in the Royal Arch degree, were enhanced by the glimpses afforded of their historical background. The notes, carefully collated by the Chapter Preceptor, E Comp Isaac Jackie Chapman PPGSoj., were from the Solomon website (https://solomon.ugle.org.uk/)

E Comp Eddie Wildman, Chapter Organist, a contributor to Solomon, added some observations about the carving of Zerubabbel's words in Rosslyn Chapel, after which the MEZ thanked everyone for their contributions.

The Treasurer, E Comp David Broughton, Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, gave a favourable report regarding the finances of the Chapter, remarking that there was "no need to put up the subs" with the caveat that we don't know how the next rental will impact on our funds. A modest man, he was about to sit down when the Scribe Ezra pointed out that David had been honoured with his Provincial rank on Saturday morning. Indeed, the jewel hanging on his collar was a brass representation of his rank, and he was greeted with acclamation. For an account of the Convocation at the Central Hall, York University, see the entry for 14th May on https://humber57.org.uk/?Blog-Page 

In both Craft and Chapter, the solid brass symbols on loan from the Province are an indication of Active Rank, that is to say the wearer is recognised as one of the Officers of the year who actively support the RWPGM/Grand Superintendent. Thus whenever the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is visiting, or consecrating a new Chapter, or on other official business, we can expect to see David at the front of the procession, carrying the flag! Congratulations, David!

The Three Principals closed the Chapter in due form, and Companion Michael Hugh Anthony Martin-Smith gave the Valedictory Address, exhorting us as Companions to communicate happiness to others when leaving, bearing in mind our duties as Chapter Masons to help our fellow men.

The Festive Board was tasty and ideal fare for the warm weather, though it was remarked that perhaps the standards usually upheld by the Chapter were absent - where were the tablecloths? I found myself agreeing with earlier comments that perhaps we are becoming lax; I trust the Companions reading this will consider addressing the issue: the Chapter of St Michael has been known as a paradigm of excellence, let's return to that preeminent position!

It had been a short but convivial get-together, however, and there was a sense of moving forward again after the exigencies of the pandemic. The Companions left the Dagger Lane building with smiles on their faces.

[Photograph of John Burton, Peter Barnes and Stephen Prior as H, Z and J, and of David Broughton with the Provincial Grand Standard Bearer jewel and apron by Eddie Wildman]

 Eddie Wildman, Chapter Organist


21st April 2022

At the regular meeting of the Chapter E Comp Peter Barnes was finally installed as Z. The team now complete the Chapter was closed and we retired to the lounge for the festive board. Having fed and toasted we ended the evening by singing Auld Lang Syne and we departed in Harmony and Peace.

Comp Peter J Stokes, 1st AsstSoj


14th March 2022

The Chapter convened for the Installation of the Principals, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendant Jeffrey Gillyon, his DC and a team of Active Provincial Officers were in attendance. Sadly due to illness E Comp Peter Barnes was unable to attend. E Comp Stephen Prior was installed as J, Companion John Burton was installed as H whilst E Comp Peter Wright remained as Z until Peter should be well enough to be installed. Business complete,the Companions retired to the lounge where the Festive Board was enjoyed by Visitors and members alike.A rendition of Auld Lang Syne closed the evening and we departed in harmony and peace.

 Comp Peter J Stokes, 1st AsstSoj

17th February 2022


Due to the Corona virus pandemic, masonic activities have been on hold for two years. A business meeting ws held in October to elect E Comp Stephen Prior as J, E Comp John Burton as H and E Comp Peter Barns as Z. The Chapter attended rehearsal for the installation, unfortunately a positive test for Corona was returned and the meeting had to be postboned.

  Comp Peter J Stokes, 1st AsstSoj

Previous Chapter reports may be found in the Submenu: Old Chapter News





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